Valorant Patch Notes 4.05: New Updates

Valorant patch notes 4.05: New Updates bring Valorant’s most recent patch, Patch 4.05! This includes a few bug fixes and improvements to gameplay. We’ve added new items to the game, Valorant Patch 4.04 shook up the game’s meta, Three weeks ago. the controller class was turned on its head. New agents are starting to rise in the meta, while others fall from Grace. All is good so far in Act Two, except for my ranked games. And now we have our second patch of the act. Today we have the Valorant Patch notes 4.05 New Updates.

Valorant Patch notes 4.05

For our aging changes, we only have one major change involving Brimstone that addresses some of the new previous buffs he was given In the last patch. Brimstone’s stem beacon charges were reduced from two to one, ( 2 > 1 ) and the cost of a charge of a stem beacon has increased from 100 credits to 200 credits. This Nerf is significant, but it doesn’t undo the positive gameplay changes that happened to Brimstone’s last patch.

Brimstone Nerfs

In the new updates of valorant patch notes 4.05 brimstoneLosing a stem beacon does feel a little bit bad, mostly because the double speed boost strategy created some interesting and fun attacking strategies in the game over the past few weeks. And the increase in price to the stem beacon means Brim can’t buy a ghost, two clouds of smoke, and a steam beacon on pistol Round anymore, so he needs to choose between buying all of his smokes with his ghost or getting a steam beacon on those pistols rounds. Valorant Patch notes 4.05, This stem change is unfortunate to see nerves so quickly after it was buffed to give Brimstone more unique power, but this shouldn’t affect his viability much as if he’s good on a map already, he’s still going to be good for that map.

Brimstone Game System Updates Competitive And Crosshair

For game system updates of Valorant Patch notes 4.05, the devs are taking more action on increasing the functionality of finding and using different crosshairs from other players. The devs have added the ability to import and export different crosshair settings via auto-generated codes. To export and share your crosshair settings, go to the Settings crosshair tab. Click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing up found next to the Crosshair profile. It looks like an arrow chilling in the middle of a bowl.

Your auto-generated code will be copied to your clipboard. Now, to do the inverse and import Crosshair settings, go to the Settings crosshair tab. Click on the icon that looks like an arrow pointing down next to the Crosshair profile. Input or paste the code in the provided field and click the Import button.

The Crosshair preview at the top of the Settings menu should reflect the imported settings. Make sure to give it a unique profile so that you’ll be able to find it later and use it. It’s nice to see Riot, expanding upon and improving features they’ve implemented into the game in the past. Seeing these Crosshair profile changes becoming easier to import and export makes the process for newer players easier and simpler, and it encourages community creation because now it’s easier to get your designs to the community en masse.

Updated Updates Prioritize Strongest Weapon

While we’re on the topic of gameplay system updates, let’s talk about the prioritize strongest weapon setting competitive. Riot has stated that the goal behind the prioritized Strongest weapon setting was to allow players to traverse quickly with melee equipped and be combat-ready after using an ability or interacting with the Spike, Ultra, Orbs, etc. But there have been two changes made. The devs have reworked the prioritize Strongest weapon setting.

They have renamed the setting Auto equipped Prioritizes to the most recent Strongest. they have updated the priority system as well to support weapons-like abilities as well. The previous pecking order was Primary, then Secondary, then melee, and the second overall change they made was Don’t Auto Equip Melee. This change skips past the melee when finding the most recent weapon to Auto Equip.

This prevents the melee from being equipped after channeling or casting abilities without changing any other auto equipment behavior. This small rework should make using the new feature a bit clear, and also opens up the option to make it more custom-designed for whatever your preferences are. That way you won’t end up with the wrong weapon equipped in the game when it matters.

competitive updates bugs known issues

Finally, at last, in updating competitive bugs Dispatch, the Deterministic Map system has been enabled for all regions. As they explained to us in patch four Four. This rollout should increase the variety of all maps in your queue based on a system that was tested in the Latin region this month.

This change is huge for ranked as a whole as the Map Selection experiment was deemed a success and worth implementing worldwide by the devs at the riot. valorant patch 405, For anyone who was out of the loop since the last patch, Map Selection is a smart system that uses an algorithm to choose the least played map in the past five games as an average between all the players in the lobby.

This change is meant to decrease the number of times you play the same map in a row, or how many times you frequently see a certain map in one single play session in a day. This change should add some variety to your maps and ranks, and it should reduce those dreaded three icebox games in a row in a single play session for you.

Bug Fixes

Now let’s close out the patch notes with bug fixes. For competitive bug fixes, the devs have fixed a bug that was causing the Leave match button to function incorrectly for PBE players. In Agent bug Fixes, the devs have fixed an issue where Sova’s Recon Bolt was destroyed by Brimstone’s Orbital strike, even if the Recon Bolt was well out of the area.

And lastly, for social bug fixes. The devs have fixed a bug where the mic icon on the scoreboard could not be interacted with after hovering over it with the mouse and lastly, for known issues, the devs have acknowledged that there are a handful of bug fixes prepped for icebox but the team ran into an issue that blocked them from shipping those changes right with a valorant patch 4.05 launch.

They hope to ship these changes before the next patch and they will list them here as soon as they do. It is nice to know that the issues and problems we have found on the icebox in the past few weeks are recognized and they will be addressed in the coming weeks. Well guys that’s all we have for Valorant patch 4.05.


Since the release of Valorant Patch 4.04, the meta of the game has undergone a drastic change. The Controller class, which was once considered to be the strongest class in the game, has been turned on its head. Three weeks ago, players were asking what would happen when the controller class was turned on its head. Well, as it turns out, it was much more than they could have imagined! With Brimstone nerfs and Ranked Map Changes in Patch 4.05, the meta is now shifting back to its original state. What do you think will happen next? Let us know in the comments below!

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