Valorant New Agent Bounty Hunter All Abilities Leaked

All right we got the Valorant new agent bounty hunter all abilities leaked. I saw this a little bit earlier, but I thought it was fake until valorant leaks now confirmed it.

So here’s the image we got a lot to look over we got Prowler, Seas, Haunt, and Nightfall. And you can see this looks like a female based on the hands. I could be wrong but it looks like a female based on the hands and this is an initiator this is the new agent, and man does she seem extremely fun. Let’s take a look at the abilities.


Bounty Hunter prowler

So in the title called Valorant new agent bounty hunter first, we got (C), which is called the Prowler. Send out a creature that can follow trails or be controlled by moving your mouse upon reaching an enemy they will be nearsighted for 3 seconds only one creature per trail.

This looks like an evil version of Skye right off the bat. valorant new agent leak 18 That thematic theme at least is popping out hard in my opinion sounds amazing but let’s keep pumping these before I talk.


Bounty Hunter valorant Seize

Next is the (Q) which is Seize equip and fire an orb which will stay in the air for a max of 1.5 seconds and then slam to the ground. When the orb hits the ground enemies within the radius will be tethered and deafening. This is an entirely new status, this agent seems to be rocking.

Things up so it seems you throw this orb and similar to a phoenix molly after traveling a certain distance it will come straight down applying all these effects. 


Bounty Hunter valorant Haunt

Next is Haunt (E), which I thought was the same ability to start equipping fire an orb that will stay in the air and then hit the ground then it will go

Back into the air and turn into an eye. If enemies get seen by the eye they will be revealed and a trail debuff is applied. valorant new agent leak 17, What the heck does this mean? I don’t Know the reveal makes sense maybe just like a sova dart or anything, we’ve seen a reveal before a trail debuff.

What does that mean? I have no idea where they leave a trail when they walk that can then be hunted that’s what it seems like which will be you know in correlation with the first ability we talked about, crazy stuff. 


Bounty Hunter valorant Nightfall

Last but not least is the Ultimate called Nightfall (x) to send out a wave of Dark Mist. If the mist hits an enemy they will be Deafened, Trailed, and Decayed. 

We got three things applies to multiple effects on someone. Every single ability applies multiple effects on one person which is so weird, this is honestly insane. 

So if we take a look at the image, you can zoom in and there are a lot more details here from cook time to the closest enemies. There are even some spelling mistakes which is why I thought it was fake but someone mentioned that this is just internal for Riot and then they hire writers to finish it up before the live patch.

That sounds real enough to me so I kind of ran with it. The biggest thing here is we see let’s say, Trail Death and Decayed for 12 seconds on the nightfall ultimate. 

That sounds kind of long and it’s why I didn’t read these directions and I went with the more generic open-ended version that valorant leaks decided to go with because those are the abilities and those are what the abilities are going to do. 

bounty hunter valorant abilities leaked

That’s final the character design is only a month off now it’s finalized with what the abilities are going to do however, there are four weeks left for the new agent valorant release date, that’s still a lot of time in the playtest era, and the phase where internal testing is still going on so. 

I wouldn’t take these exact numbers to heart. valorant upcoming agents, You have to take these exact numbers with a grain of salt because the agent Themeseleve can change. But those are the abilities she seems insanely cool. We know the code name bounty hunter. We know she is an initiator, and we know she looks insane. 

Maybe one of the most exciting agents we’ve had. Maybe forever or at least for a while in my personality, I haven’t been this excited since yoru agent 12 valorant personally, this looks amazing but let me know what you guys think in the comments down below.

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