Latest Valorant Patch 4.04: Best Agents Tier List

Latest Valorant Patch 4.04: Best Agents Tier List

Hello guys, the new ACT same agent completely overturned the matter. The Valorant Patch 4.04: Best Agents Tier List! Came with a whole host of massive changes to the controller agents, so as a result, we are right now trying to figure out what the heck is going on with the agent meta as of Act 2.

Latest Valorant Patch 4.04What is going on today? We will be giving you our predictions on how the new agent meta will look heading into this new act so let’s jump right in and take a look at how different at least we’ll look from the last, and since it’s a new patch with some shows changes we want to prepare this by saying that this list is by no means perfect and that the matter can shift in ways that none of us can fully predict. But of course, feel free to let us know if you feel like you have any different opinions on how the meta currently looks in the comments section.

latest Valorant Patch 4.04 Tire-s


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListNow let’s start a healthy discussion because this is the biggest meta shift in a long time. Let’s start with the S tire with the controller Meta getting turned on it’s hate due to massive nerfs to Astra as well as some minor nerfs to Viper much of The Sentinel controller hybrid class has taken a big hit in their power levels. 

Best Agents Tier List patchSo naturally, the agents that haven’t been affected have risen to take their place in the meta, and that means our knife building duelist Jett is flying high this patch but it’s not only the fact that Jett has surprisingly not been nerfed this patch that makes her top of our tier list.

But it’s the fact that with the nerfed To Astra and Viper reducing the amount of Sentinel-like CC presence in the game. Jett and all the duelists rejoice at having less annoying things to deal with, and more freedom to stamp their mark on the map. With that said Jett was already a top S tire agent since the start of last year. And it looks like her reason for dominance is not ending anytime soon unless they decide to finally address her power level.


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Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListValorant Patch 4.04: Best Agents Tier List! Sova is up next on our tier list to nobody’s surprise. As anyone who plays a good amount of Valorant can see just how necessary sova is any comp trying to win a game. Much like the past satisfaction project, Sova’s position is not challenged simply because the less utility Sova has to deal with, the more room for Sova to make his utility Shine more and make life hard for the enemy team.

His information gathering is top-notch, and no one is truly capable of matching his unique ability to generate information and get picks, and that is why he just feels irreplaceable on certain maps, but of course, the state of balance currently is surprisingly good in the sense that the other initiator agents also have a good foothold on the meta. This makes it so that even Sova is exceptionally useful in his own right. He has some decent replacements that won’t make you cry if you end up liking Sova in your rank games.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListRising to take his new rifle place in the S-TIER is the Chamber. The Newest sentinel is additional to the roster. The Chamber is making waves in the rank and professional meta as a top-tier sentinel new list hybrid. Capable of taking risky duels and pushing the issue confidently while also providing some solid defensive utility in the form of his trips and rotational teleports. He also solves the issue of attacker opting. 

Because for the longest time teams had to make the decision of having their Jett opting and giving her an entry-prowess or having her just stay with the rifle and become smoke-dash minions. 

Now Chamber can just take her attacker opting and consideration away while also providing for the team in the form of a flank watch and aggressive playmaking. Even players like Hunter, thieves, Osuna, and TSM FTS, Wardell have made the switch from Jett to Chamber. And it seems like Chambers’s position in the matter is solid field as a very strong pic.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListOkay, guys, we are gonna have to cash in on our one super hot take token. Because this to act brings some crazy new changes. And we are in a festive mood now that Astra kicked off her controller throne. This will probably be the single biggest change we never made from tier list to tier list but trust me when I say this.

We might have stumbled into a parallel universe where daddy is the top dog and before you guys go crazy and say you guys must have a few screws loose to rank brimstone up in S-TIER. Hear me out a team-wide speed boost paired with the weaker defensive utility meta plus the ability to instantly place up to 3 clouds of smoke at increased range. This sounds like a crazy set of factors that could make a rush 10 times more deadly.

Brimstone Ult

This along with the fact that Brimstone has post-plant lineups as well as the destructive ULT counter retake utility or stall times make Brimstone strong. To explain this more in detail having strong attack side executions means that terms are more likely to play retake, which also means that post-playing abilities gain more value.

Since Brimstone has a kit that’s very well suited for strong attack side executions as well as post-plant stalls, his kit plays into itself by forcing defenders to play more re-takes. This also makes the Brimstone post blind stall even more valuable. Brimstone in his current state is the most complete agent he’s ever been. And that’s means he might very well take the spot as the best smoke agent at the moment.



Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListHeading into the A tier Kay/O takes his place at the top, especially with how strong his kid has started to become as the community has embraced his suppression mechanic fully. When Kay/O first came out he was already a strong agent. But people didn’t know how to take advantage of his suppression and his flash was slightly understood. But now the people have found ways to capitalize on suppression as well as kay/o receiving buffs to his flashbang he now has slowly crept his way up the ranking find him as a very solid initiator pick at the top of the A tier.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListOnce a solid shoo-in for the S-tier. Viper has had her abilities toned down a little bit with this new patch. And like a viper main myself I can feel its impact on how I play around utility and control the map. None of the nerfs hit her too hard as they just made her clunky to play as well as made her fuel go down faster when the smoke and wall are up but added together they make Viper feel a bit weaker than she was before.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListBut of course, she’s by no means out of the meta and that’s why she is still comfortably in the top half of the A-tier. These nerfs were justified to some extent. But the fuel nerfs change how you approach playing her now. Raze has steadily become the second or first pick for duelist ever since Chamber found his place at the top. The raze has solid synergy with a Chamber and has become the solution for teams needing a bit more utility to stall while also having some solid duelist capability.

Raze boombot is still a great entry tool that gives you tons of free space, while her blast packs are very versatile and can fit in all types of situations. That and her nade being great for controlling areas and punishing enemies stuck in a chamber slow makes her better than ever.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListWhen we said the meta would be overturned we meant exactly what we said. The meta is being overturned Yoru’s Rework is finally in, and if you haven’t seen all the Twitter clips flooding in with the many ways Yoru can outplay opponents now, you’ll definitely get a better idea when you play against one. Or watch our upcoming Yoru Guy. Detailing his newfound power. Yoru has evolved from his past shell of an agent to a solid duel pick with how useful each of his abilities is by itself and how powerful they can be when put together. His gay crash now facilitates aggressive fighting since his teleport delay was ->1.5 seconds to 0.5.
In this new update of Valorant Patch 4.04: Best Agents Tier List! His ultimate now hides him fully and lets him use abilities, and his decoy is now a real decoy that can actually punish enemies who are too trigger-happy. All in all, Yoru’s rework has definitely given him a much-needed boost in power, and I’m excited to see just how crazy he can be in the hands of players like Tens, Ethos, and Red.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListAt the same time, Oman has found himself revived into the A tier with some much-needed buffs to his kit This patch. although nothing is revolutionary in terms of his kit like Brimstones was, Omen across the board was buffed, making his smokes faster with a lower cooldown, his shadow steps significantly faster, and his flashless likely to clip teammates next to you. There’s not too much to be said about Omen that you don’t already know most likely, but he’s as strong as he’s ever been, and his shadow step is surprisingly good now to just escape a bad position.


skyeSince Kay/O has surfaced as a new potential meta pick for the second initiator. Andy pairs well with agents like Killjoy, the sky has found herself second fiddle as an initiator pick on some maps, although that’s not to say she’s weak by any means. The sky is falling slightly in the tier list, as her flashes are no longer as oppressive as before. Her synergy is better with Cipher than with Killjoy, and she doesn’t have as much stopping power as Kay/O does right now with how strong suppression has proven to be. Anyways, it feels like I’m talking more about Kay/o than about the sky. The sky is still a great agent in good hands, but she is starting to feel less valuable compared to Kay/o and Sova.


Valorant patch 4.04 Best Agents Tier ListFor our last pick in the A-Tier, we have Killjoy, the tried and true Sentinel agent that has become the standard for defensive utility. Most players are familiar with the power of a killjoy, and she’s been a part of the agent metaphor as long as she’s been out as an agent, although she started to fall off over time from being the uncontested best Sentinel to being the generally preferred Sentinel. Her value to a team is clear through flank-watching capabilities and generally strong defensive setups.

As a whole, she’s still been the best defensively-minded agent, although Chamber has taken her spot as the best Sentinel agent.



cypherheading into the B Tier Cypher takes our first spot as a generally strong Sentinel pick that can easily tear apart an attacker team if they aren’t prepared. He’s not super useful outside of his defensive prowess, but his camera and trips allow him to keep tabs on parts of the map without having to be physically close.

This gives him opportunities to make really strong lurks and gather deep information if he aggressively places his cam on attack and defense. As it stands, Killjoy is more preferred over Cypher in most cases, but Cypher is still a comparable pick for certain maps like Haven or Ascent.


sageSage is in an interesting position because while she does have generally useful utility for teams, she feels sort of out of place in a lot of situations compared to the other defensive agents like Killjoy and Cypher. While she has a great ultimate and her wall provides some unique strategies for teams, her overall usefulness relies more on her being close by, which is something that other Sentinels don’t need to do.

Similarly, with one of her most meta maps and Icebox being changed drastically this patch, it’s hard to tell if Sage will still be a necessary pick, as she once was. many teams are starting to stay away from her now and in my opinion, it chalks up to her being decent but not special in a lot of situations.


neonfrom an explosive debut to a similarly meteoric fall, Neon is quickly feeling like a flavor of the month agent that has lost its touch now that the dust has settled. When she first came out, people were super excited to see what a speedy Apex Legendslike agent could do to the alarm meta, but it seems like she’s not quite able to live up to her high octane expectations.

Not to mention, Brimstone’s Buffs now brings speed to any agent on the team. Doubling down on that in the form of Neon feels somewhat redundant and unnecessary when you could have a Raze or Jett instead to breach a bombsite.


breachSpeaking of breaching, a bombsite breach sits this patch at the bottom of B-TIER, not because he lacks the power to dominate as an initiator, but because he’s a situational agent that can’t be pulled out on most maps.

On maps like Fracture and Haven, he could be an absolute nightmare to face, allowing him to replace even Sova for the Initiator spot, but on other maps, his abilities don’t seem to shake up the sites enough to be worth fielding, so if you were to look only at maps like Fracture, he would be a shoo-in for the best initiator. But other than that, he’s really hard to get along with landing in our seats here.



reynaMany of you might be surprised to see Reyna place so low when she’s such a menace to deal with in ranked games. But before you get your pitchforks and knives out to defend her, hear me out. With all the new changes in Valorant Patch 4.04: Best Agents Tier List! our meta that came from the controller shuffle, as well as the rise of new duelists like Yoru and Raze at the top, one trend that we can notice is that every duels have some sort of niche way of entering that makes their pathway smooth and efficient.

Unfortunately for Reyna, she doesn’t quite fall into that category, and even with additional utility being used to support her, she doesn’t quite fit in as well as Jett or Raze can. If anything, you have good utility. Why not double down on momentum by having Raze or Jett flying with the support instead? Reyna is getting a little bit of that Phoenix treatment where she’s not a bad Duelist, but she’s also not geared to fulfill a unique Duelist role, which is what makes it hard to justify running her.


astraAstra is down the bad this patch. and I know we’ve all been here before when she got nerfed in episode three. the community overreacted last time, but if I’m being perfectly honest this time, it feels like the nail in the coffin for sure. We could be overreacting again, but an across-the-board nurse to all of her abilities by significant amounts just feels like she’s going to be struggling big time to get anywhere close to the value she once had, and her stars also got decreased from five to four.

From the perspective of someone who has been playing quite a bit of Astro lately. She feels gutted as an agent because not only does she not recover her smokes quickly she also can’t freely take back her stars like before without opening up a lot of gaps with the cooldown. All in all, I think that with the big nerfs that she has received this patch and the buff that Omen and Brim have received she’s going to fall out of favor for a while unless some brave players reinvent her playstyle.


phoenixAnd finally, at the bottom, Phoenix is sitting pretty being the lame duck of the Valor and cast completely power creeped out of the meta once a top tier duel’s at the start of the game’s life cycle, he’s since fallen out of style as more and more specialized agents come out to take away his fire.

He’s not necessarily bad per se like Yoru was before his rework but he just can’t compete with the other options and he feels like a side character while agents like Jett and Chambers steal the show. It was said that before, Phoenix lost to his old buddy Yoru and he is now chilling with the fallen agent Astra in the C tier.

Let us know what you think and what your opinions are on the current agent meta and whether you like it or not, this has been your host, ajay, and good luck on the Grinders Act.

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